Welcome to the MidCity Makers Market!

Hey there!

We would love to have you join the MMM!

Yay! Ok – So now what?

Great question. Here we go: 

We have a one-time onboarding fee of $100 ($10 application fee and $90 once accepted) and market prices vary depending on location and size of the spot. If you select a tent spot, we require WHITE 10' x 10' tents to be used. Once your onboarding fee is paid, immediately request to join the MMM Members Only Facebook Group. The group is the best place to find info on markets, get advice from other makers, and it's just an all-around supportive community. Search Mid City Makers Market: Members Only on Facebook, answer the questions, and request access.

OK - STOP. Reread that last sentence. Got it? Cool.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the costs for each market:

$55: 6’ Table only space (no tent/ canopy allowed)

$70: 10’x10’ space. Only WHITE 10’x10’ canopies can be used.


Got it. What else will I need to bring?

Man – you are on your game today! Another great question. Here we go:

When you select a spot (more on that later), you are purchasing the space and power only. You will need to bring a WHITE 10’x10’ tent (unless you grabbed a table spot), tables, chairs, a cart to haul your loot, cashbox, credit card swiper, LED lighting, extension cord, and power strip.

All spots have power ran to them, but you may need an extension cord or two. At this time, Electric Depot does not have Wi-Fi available in the outside area.

Yep – I have all that (or will very soon). How do I get a spot at the Market? Also, when is the next market?

Wow – it sounds like you’ve done this before. Here we go:

Subscribe to our event calendar here: https://www.midcitymakersmarket.com/pages/events

Market spots are purchased through Eventbrite. I will announce when tickets go on sale on our MEMBERS ONLY FACEBOOK GROUP and an email if you’ve signed up for them. In that announcement will have an access code, day and time the event goes live.

Create an account on Eventbrite and be sure to follow us: https://midcitymakersmarket.eventbrite.com/

Don’t forget to set an alarm – tickets go fast.

Great! Just a few more questions. What does set up look like?

Zing! You are 4 for 4! Here we go:

Set up is usually between 1 pm and 3 pm with the event starting at 4 pm. Please arrive during this time. Makers that arrive after 3 pm will not be allowed to set up and no refund will be issued. If there are any changes to event dates or times, you will be notified.

You can choose which market you’d like to attend and even select your spot. We send out invites through Eventbrite so it's pretty easy for all parties. Once you're accepted, you’re in and you choose which markets you’d like to attend. No monthly memberships fees (but we accept cold beer for being awesome).

*Sees a cloud. Oh no! It looks like rain! What do we do?!?

Yep – that question comes up a lot. MMM is a rain or shine event. We monitor the weather for the week of the event. If it is really bad, we’ll cancel the event and issue refunds. In most cases, the weather blows through and we have a beautiful day. Assume the market is happening. We will announce a cancellation early that day and immediately issue refunds. If not, pack a rain coat and head on over 

Cool. One last thing: I don’t know if you know this, but I’m kind of a deal. Selling greatness is hard work. What’s the snack situation like?

We’ll get along just fine… Every market we have a Vendors Only hospitality room with beer, wine, snacks, and a private restroom. We try to make it as much of a social event for you as well as a profitable one. Ask anyone, it’s awesome :)

 That was a lot of info. Below is a quick checklist:

Madeline, Justin, Dawson, & Paul

Co-Founders of the MMM

MMM Checklist:

  1. Pay onboarding fee.
  2. Join the Members Only FB Group. Search “Mid City Makers Market: Members Only”. Answer the questions and request access. Scan through the page and familiarize yourself with previous events, questions, discussions, etc.
  3. Create an Eventbrite account. Follow us as an organizer: https://midcitymakersmarket.eventbrite.com/
  4. Go to our website under Calendar and subscribe: https://www.midcitymakersmarket.com/pages/events
  5. Be social: Follow us on Facebook @midcitymakersmarket and Instagram @midcitymakersmarket. You’ll also be a part of our social media reach. Simply tag us in posts and use the hashtag #midcitymakersmarket and we would love to share your work!
  6. Gather any needed supplies. WHITE 10’x10’ tent, folding tables, chairs, LED lights, power strips, extension cords, etc.



To sell at the MMM your goods must fall under one of these categories:

  • Goods handmade locally
  • Goods made from repurposed/ salvaged materials
  • Goods traded fairly
  • Goods that give back

Excluded from the MMM are the following:

  • Crafts created from kits
  • Booths used primarily for lead generation
  • Products with offensive messages/imagery
  • Items exclusively created from commercially made foods
  • Items with blatant copyright infringement issues