To be the nexus of the MidCity experience. To showcase a well-curated collection of makers with locally handcrafted goods, the best home grown entertainment, chefs & bakers offering mouthwatering dishes, balloon & face painting artisans for the kids and much more. The MidCity Makers Market has set forth to create a space and experience where visitors of all ages can see, taste, smell & hear the best of what the area has to offer in one stop. 


The founders (and friends), Paul Claxton of Southern Collaborative, Justin Lemoine of ELS Landscape Architecture Studio and Dawson & Madeline Ellis of Mimosa Handcrafted teamed up to take their spark of an idea to have a quick holiday trunk show and turn it into something the whole city could enjoy. They pulled from all of their resources to cover every angle of creating an event people would enjoy. Friend and former classmate Matt Dawson of Stay Gray PonyBoy designed the branding and once they had a vision for what the market could be they took off running with it. The first event was a smashing success and almost four years in now it's ever growing. The MidCity Makers Market concept may have come about by accident but it is staying with purpose.


(left) Paul Claxton, Justin Lemoine, Madeline Ellis, and Dawson Ellis